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Food Safaris in Catalonia

We run one-day, two-day, or multi-day trips in Catalonia whether that’s checking out the olive oil production in Les Garrigues or heading to historic Priorat for wine tasting, or of course, you can do both!

Les Garrigues

Les GarriguesLes Garrigues is a region of Lleida 160km west of Barcelona and is the Catalonia capital of olive production, made clear by the olive branch that adorns its flag. Typified by its dry, arid soil, it has an abundance of olive trees – especially those of the Arbequina variety. This tree produces small olives low in acidity, which experts believe produce the best olive oil.


PrioratBordering Les Garrigues, Priorat is an historic region of Tarragona where the people are incredibly proud of the land they have cultivated since man first settled there. Its idyllic surroundings and peaceful environment make it the perfect place to enjoy a glass of its famous and prestigiously labelled Priorat wine.

Costa Brava

Costa BravaOn the coast of Catalonia, north of Barcelona, lies the Costa Brava. Here in Begur we can stay at the boutique hotel Sa Rascassa, located a stone’s throw from the shore at Cala d’Aiguafreda. After a day of olive and wine tasting it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some of the delicious local cuisine its menu offers. While here we can also take a trip to picturesque Cadaques or pay a visit to the Dali museum in his hometown of Figueres.


OlotGirona’s capital Olot is widely known for its beautiful natural landscape, including four volcanoes, its artistic heritage, on display both in museums and in the streets, and, of course, its gastronomy. As well as local delicacies like the liquor ratafia and cakes coca de llardons and tortell de matafaluga, Olot’s restaurants are purveyors of ‘volcanic cuisine’, exemplified by Les Cols and its two Michelin stars.