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Olive Oil Tasting

Explore the diversity of the green juice

For people who want to explore the diversity of the green juice, I have designed tastings that uncover what makes the premium olive oil a gourmet experience.

My partners, the premium olive oil producers, have a deep respect for everything that came before them and are committed to respect and care for the land. Each olive oil is crafted after a meticulous selection of hand-harvested olives using traditional stone mill techniques.

This experience will include

This experience will include a guided tasting of three Spanish extra virgin olive oils contrasted with shelf ones, and a presentation of types and varieties of olives cultivated in Spain and their most popular extra virgin olive oils.

Duration: 2 hours
By appointment only.

We organise private tailored events as well.

$35 per person

To make a reservation, or to inquire more about any experiences,
please contact me.

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