I grew up in a place where time was not a commodity, where food was not spoiled with chemicals, where sharing was not a social imposition. I continue to live this way. I am a trained tester of the best who believes that tasting without sharing equals zero.

I am a premium olive oil evangelist looking to meet as many people as possible, and to live at full every bit of good and not so good experiences. I am in love with people, gourmand food, and a committed cava lover. I decided to turn my voracious appetite for new experiences and for knowing more about food and places into a business.

This is what I do: I try a product or taste an experience, I passionately learn everything about it, and then I look for people to share it with. I fell in love with the artisanal olive oil and the stories behind its journey, and I want to make it as popular as a good champaign.

Carolina Lima

Founder of Hola Olive
Certified Olive Oil Sommelier