One Day Experience

Taste, Sip and Savour Chef designed specialties on this gourmet experience. A delicious way to discover Catalunya!

Explore the territory of Les Garrigues, where the landscape is outlined by olive and almond trees, and visit one of the biggest olive oil producers in Catalonia.
Here, using the Arbequina’s small, round and firm fleshed olives, Nousegons produces an olive oil with low acidity, named by the experts one of the best in Spain.

What to expect

Pick up at the hotel or meeting point at 9am, then we head to l’Espluga Calva village, an hour and a half from Barcelona.

Adria Dalmau, responsible and curator for the Nousegons project, shows us the estate, and during this guided tour will learn all about a premium olive oil production. Among the centenarian olive trees, we will taste the very best olive juice and learn more about the local olive trees, the process, and the farm history.

After our olive oil masterclass, we will head for lunch to Mollerussa village, about a half hour from Nousegons property. Chef Eduard will prepare a variety of Tapas de Autor with seasonal and fresh ingredients. All dishes will be paired with locally sourced olive oil. After lunch we return to Barcelona.

Duration: 8 hours
By appointment only

To make a reservation, or to inquire more about any experiences,
please contact me. We organise private tailored events as well.

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One Day Experience

Off the beaten path, a day to see, learn, discover and taste hidden Catalan treasures.