Harvest Party

These gourmet events are for those who want to taste the old as new, to savour the simplest things as the green juice, and to discover how many flavours the olive oil could have, how many tastes can fill the mouth at once, how many memories it can create, how many stories it has to tell. 

One of my favourite experiences is taking an active part in the process of making the natural juice of green Arbequina olives, Nousegons. Each autumn harvest is a treat: the beauty of the estate, the hard work followed by a lovely lunch where the artisan olive oil is the star, and the stories about this terroir and its people.
Join me for a very special event, the harvest party.

What to expect

We start with a quick breakfast on the way, as the harvest starts very early morning. We help the farmers guided by our hosts and manually collect and then select the olives.

We break for lunch, and we enjoy farm dishes paired with one of the best olive oils in Spain. The aroma of green fruit with floral, almond, nut, and jasmine traces helps us understand why this olive oil plays his part in turning a dish into a gourmet one. We end the day sharing a dessert paired with Nousegons, watching the sunset while enjoying a good cava.

Warning: This is an unforgettable experience that gets people addicted to knowing what they eat and drink, who made the olive oil and food, and most important, how!

Duration: 8 hours
By appointment only

To make a reservation, or to inquire more about any experiences,
please contact me. We organise private tailored events as well.

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